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Corporate Security Guard Services for the Denver, CO, Area

Your customers, employees, products, and facilities all deserve safety. Maximize it with corporate security services.

JCJ National Security provides armed and unarmed corporate security guard services throughout the Denver, CO, area, and we can help you. Join companies like Disney and McDonald’s — hire our elite security guards to secure your building.

Stellar Performance

Since 2001, JCJ National Security has met the Denver, CO, area’s need for corporate security guards who serve with discretion, cultural sensitivity, and refined observation. We protect companies, construction sites, schools, and government buildings across the metropolitan area.

Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and our foremost method of filling your needs is detailed surveillance. Our presence is noticeable enough to deter crime yet is not disruptive. Our mannerism increases the sophistication of your site.

Each guard models professionalism and competence at all times. Because we value each of our employees and recognize their contributions, you can rest assured that each guard has the incentive as well as the training and demeanor to perform as promised.

Community Investment

We assist businesses across the Denver, CO, area, including those who never hire us. Because JCJ National Security understands that the best protection is a stable community, we invest in the metropolitan area at large.

We partner with nonprofits and provide security services for city and state events to promote corporate awareness of social and cultural responsibility. We believe that each person and company can make a difference, and we start with our sphere of influence.

In our everyday work, we emphasize culturally sensitive services and remain an equal-opportunity employer.

You want corporate security services you can be proud of, and so do we. Call us at 303-377-9179, or use the button at the top of the page to request our services. We look forward to making your world more secure.

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